REcolorado Member Update – CCM Agreement

As we approach September 30, I want to give you an update on our CCM data sharing agreement with IRES. First, however, I want to thank you for positive emails and words of support. I have consistently heard a common theme when speaking with many of you and while getting direction from our board of directors—REcolorado’s most important obligation to you as a member is to protect your listing data and your market.

With approximately one week until the deadline for IRES to come into full compliance with the 2003 CCM Agreement they signed with us and PPAR, we have received no formal communication from IRES staff or leadership that confirms they plan to fully cure their breach of the agreement. As you know, since June of this year, we have been asking IRES to come into full compliance with the agreement, which provides clear guidelines for the equitable sharing and display of data.

It is our hope that IRES will cure their breach so we can continue to provide members of both MLSs the access they desire. If not, we trust you will understand our next step in deleting IRES’ listing data from our Matrix MLS system and stopping the exchange of REcolorado data to IRES.

If you have questions, I invite you to call a member of our Customer Care team at 303.850.9613, option 1.

Thank you,

Kirby Slunaker

President & CEO


Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 12:15
Expire Date: 
Thursday, September 22, 2016