Release Notes Release Notes - December 11, 2013

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Map Layers

There are now several map layers available. From the Map View tab, click the Layers icon, and select which layer you would like to display. You’ll be able to add layers indicating the boundaries for Parcel Lines, Neighborhoods, ZIP Codes, Cities, or Counties. You can also choose to display the current traffic conditions on the map. 
Note: Layers are provided by a third party. The neighborhood layer will not necessarily display all neighborhoods that are available in the Neighborhood field in Matrix.

Edit Map Shapes

When drawing shapes on the map, it is now possible to edit them after they have been drawn. 
Hover your mouse over the boundary of the shape and click it. The map will turn green and give you points you can use to adjust the shape. 
The message displayed when searching has been updated.
Mobile updates (
On search results on the mobile site, each property will now include a link to open the native map app on the phone. The address on property details also opens the native map app. If no map app is available, then the address is passed to Bing maps. Release Notes - August 28, 2013

posted Aug 29, 2013, 7:08 AM by Metrolist Colorado


Sort by Rating on Saved Properties

If you have rated your saved properties, it is now possible to sort your saved properties list by the rating.
  • To use this feature, login to your account, go to Saved Properties, and then select Rating in the Sort By dropdown. 
  • To add ratings to your properties, just click on the number of stars from the list view or property details page. 
Breadcrumb Trail
To improve navigation and usability on the REcolorado searches, we have added a “breadcrumb trail” which helps show the customer where they are in the system. You’ll see this in:
  • Property Searches
  • Resources
Improvements to Mobile Searches
  • Previously, when searching on the mobile site ( by MLS # or open house date, the MLS # or open house dates were carried over into new searches. 
  • Now, when you search by MLS #, the MLS # will only be kept if you modify the MLS # search. If you go into Property Search, the MLS # will not be included in your criteria.
  • Similarly, if you enter a date range in the Open House search, the date range will only apply to that open house search. If you go into Property Search, open house information will not be carried over to your criteria. 
Find REALTOR and Find REALTOR Office
Previously, the REALTOR designation was selected by default on the Find REALTOR and Find REALTOR Office searches, and it was not possible to uncheck it. 
REALTOR designation is still selected by default, but can now be unchecked on both of these searches. This means it is now possible to search by other designations. For example, you could uncheck REALTOR and search for only those agents that have the ABR designation. 
This change also means it is now possible to search for non-REALTORs through these searches.
Note: When searching by designation, the results will include agents that have ANY of your selected designations, not ALL of your selected designations. If you want to find an agent with a specific designation, you should select only that designation. 


June 11, 2013 Release Notes

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Mobile Updates

The REcolorado mobile site ( has gotten a complete remodel! The mobile site now uses a responsive layout, meaning it dynamically adjusts based on the screen size of your device. Photos will also expand to fit the screen, and on larger devices such as iPads and tablets, the menu displays next to the results and property details information rather than on a separate screen.

These updates all make’s mobile site even easier to use on a mobile device.

Updated Mobile Layouts

The appearance of the mobile homepage has been completely updated. The links to your saved properties and saved searches in the header have been consolidated to a single heart button. Tap the heart button to see My Searches and My Properties options.

Updated Property Search

Property Search has the same search fields, but has an updated appearance making it easier to use.

From Property Search, you’ll also be able to search using your current location, making it easier to find nearby properties that match your specific search criteria. When you tap in the Location field, you’ll see the option Use Current Location

New Search Results

The Search Results have been simplified and also include larger photos, which will resize based on the screen size of your device. The screenshot on the right gives an example of Search Results on a larger screen device, such as an iPad or Android tablet. You can now also request information on the property directly from Search Results.


New Property Details

Property Details has also been given an updated appearance.

If you’ve already saved a property, tapping the Saved button after the options are open takes you to your complete list of saved properties.


Social media icons have all been consolidated under the Share button, similar to the Share section on the full site.


Agent and Office Search Results have also been updated, including making the agent’s email address a clickable link that launches your device’s email program.

Schedule Visit Form Updates

The form to request a showing has been updated to use your device’s standard date and time picker, meaning you’ll no longer have to manually enter the desired date and time.

  • iPhone and iPad users see the native iOS date and time pickers.
  • Calendars for Android and other smartphones vary based on each device’s standard options.
  • Non-smartphone and non-touch mobile users can still type in their desired date and time.

Updates to Full Site

Search Nearby now has the ability to use your current location when searching. This feature is available on devices that have location services. If location services is available on your device, you’ll have a Current Location option. When selecting Current Location, you may see a message requesting access to your location—you will need to allow access to use the Current Location feature.

Once you start typing in the location field, the auto-suggest list of cities and neighborhoods displays.

Find Properties in Nearby Cities

If you have entered a city in the search location field, you can click the city name to open additional search options:

  • You can specify the search distance from the city
  • You can easily add nearby cities to your location search criteria
    Note: These search options are only available for cities. They are not available for neighborhoods.

Price History Updates

The price history display on the property details page has been updated to make it easier to understand.

Click the price change arrow to jump to the price history, or scroll down to the Listing Price History section.


The Listing Price History shows the date and amount of each price change.
Note: Because uses the date and time of when it receives the price change, there may be minor differences when compared to the price change date and time seen in PrimeAccess.

Manage Social Media Connections

If you are registered with, you can now add and manage your social media connections, making it even easier to share favorite properties.



Click the icon for each connection you would like to make, then enter the requested information.
If you registered for by connecting with one of your social networks, that social network will already be active.

To remove a social network, click the minus button and confirm that you want to remove that connection.
Note: If you remove the social network connection, you’ll need to provide your login information each time you want to share or like a property. External Release Notes – March 6, 2013

posted Mar 11, 2013, 1:07 PM by Metrolist Colorado   [ updated Mar 28, 2013, 11:32 AM ]


New Property Details Layout


The property details on REcolorado has received some major updates! To see these great updates, click View Details from any listing search within REcolorado.



Listing Summary 



The new listing summary section highlights the most important information about a listing:

  • Address

  • Status

  • Price

  • Most recent price change (if applicable)

  • Link to a mortgage calculator

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Finished square feet

  • MLS number

All of the social media sharing functions have been consolidated into a single Share button, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and email the listing to a friend.


Contact Form and Calls to Action 

  • The form used to request information on a listing has been simplified and is now part of the Property Details screen. Consumers now only need to enter their first name, last name, and email address. In testing, this new form substantially increased leads to agents!

  • Schedule a Showing was previously a separate form with numerous required fields. It is now part of the contact form—the consumer only needs to enter their information and select Schedule a visit? to request a showing.

  • All calls to action, such as Save Property, Directions, and Print Brochure have been consolidated beneath the contact form and have updated graphics. Save Property and Get Alerts both allow the consumer to save the listing and receive updates on status, price, and other changes.

  • For clients that are connected with you, your contact information will be displayed in the contact form. Visit Creating Buyer (Client) Account to learn how to connect with your clients on










Open Houses


If an open house is scheduled in PrimeAccess, the one with the nearest date now appears above the contact form on Property Details. If there is a second open house scheduled, it can be viewed by clicking the More link.


Photo Viewer

  • The photo viewer on Property Details is larger, and now includes all media-related links above the photos, such as Birds Eye map, Larger Photos, or Virtual Tour links. 

  • Clicking Larger Photos opens the photo viewer over the Property Details popup. 


















Information Tabs


  • The property address has been added to the Property Details tab to assist with Search Engine Optimization.

  • Recent sales and history have been combined into a single tab Nearby Sales & Sales History

  • The Mortgage tab has been replaced by the Mortgage Calc button in the Calls to Action area.


Energy/Green features

  • Energy/green data entered on listings in PrimeAccess is now available on REcolorado.

  • Consumers can search for properties with green features by going to the Features section, selecting Green Features/Certifications from the dropdown list, and selecting which green feature(s) are important to them. 

  • Listings which include green features now have a Green Features and Certifications section on the property details tab.



Builder Data

  • REcolorado now includes a field to search for a specific builder. Because the data is entered into PrimeAccess as free-form text, the search field is also a free-form text box. You’ll get the best results by trying several variations on a builder’s name, or just the first few letters of a builder’s name.

  • The builder search will return any listings that include that builder’s name. The builder’s name (as it is entered into PrimeAccess) is included on the Property Details tab. 




Office Search Improvements

  • Previously, when searching in Find a Realtor Office, a consumer had to enter the office name exactly, including any characters such as dashes or ampersands. This caused difficulty in finding offices whose name included those characters.

  • The Find a Realtor Office search now handles slashes, dashes and ampersands (/ - &), and returns results whether or not the symbol is included. For example, if you search for “Denver – West”, you’ll get results including “Denver/West”, “Denver – West”, “Denver West”, “Denver & West”, and “Denver&West”.

  • If you select a state when searching for agents or offices and then edit the search, the previously-selected state is now remembered. 


Clubhouse Mapping


The Clubhouse option under Community Features has been updated so that listings with either “Clubhouse” or “Clubhouse with Fitness” selected in the “HOA Includes” section of listing maintenance will now be returned. 



01-10-2013 Release Notes (

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New Construction Button on REcolorado

On January 10, 2013, a New Construction button will be added to the REcolorado navigation, which will help consumers to more easily locate newly-built properties. 

New Construction Button in Navigation

Note: You may need to refresh your browser or clear your browser’s cache for the new navigation to display properly.

When you click New Construction, it will perform a search with the following criteria:

  • Residential
  • Active listings
  • Year Built: 2012 to 2013
  • New Construction selected on the listing, which corresponds to the New Home description option in PrimeAccess listing maintenance.

REcolorado New Construction Search Criteria


10-31-2012 Release Notes

posted Nov 1, 2012, 11:48 AM by Metrolist Colorado   [ updated Nov 1, 2012, 11:51 AM ]


REcolorado Update Frequency

REcolorado now gets new and updated listing information more frequently! Data is pulled by the website every 15 minutes, which means that listing additions and updates will now appear on REcolorado approximately 30 minutes after the changes are entered into PrimeAccess.

Agent Password in REcolorado Admin

When you login to your REcolorado Admin, you can now change your password.

  1. Go to, and click Login to Agent Admin in the footer.
  2. Log in using your Agent ID as both Login Name and Password.
  3. Click My Profile, then Edit.

  4. From the edit profile page, click Change Login Info.
  5. On the popup screen, enter your new password, then click Submit.
    : We do not recommend changing your Login Name.

Open Houses

REcolorado is now pulling all open house information, so as open houses are added, changed, or removed, the website will be updated with this information. You and your customers will also have an option to receive email or text alerts for open house changes on saved properties or saved searches.


Social Network Logins

Your customers will now be able to link their social profiles with their account!

We have enabled this for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. It’s easy for your customers to link an existing REcolorado account or link their social profile during registration.

  1. Click Property Alerts Login.

  2. Click the logo of the social account to link.
  3. You will be asked to approve access on the selected social network.
    Note: Each social network has a different approval screen. REcolorado only uses the first name, last name, and email address. This data is not shared with anyone or used for any purpose on than linking REcolorado to their social account.
  4. After approving access, you will be returned to REcolorado.
  • If you have an existing REcolorado account, enter your email address and password, then click Login.
  • If you do not have an REcolorado account, click the Register link.
  • Complete the Registration form, then click Login.
  • Note About Social Network Logins

    If you or your customer wishes to disconnect the social network account from your REcolorado account, you must remove the access using your social network profile, not your REcolorado profile.

    Enhancements to Larger Photos Viewing

    The Larger Photos viewer (available by clicking Larger Photos from a property detail page) has received enhancements.

    • If you are viewing the larger photos on an iPad or other tablets, you can now “swipe” forward and backward through the photos.
    • The photos are now available in a continuous loop. When you reach the last photo in the loop, it will automatically take you back to the first photos. There is also a counter to indicate where in the photos you are.

    Property Comparison Report

    There is now a Compare button available from the Search Results that allows consumers to easily compare details about up to four properties at a time. The comparison includes the primary photo, map, and fields such as number of bedroom and bathrooms.

    1. Click the Compare checkbox on up to 4 listings.
    2. After selecting your properties to compare, click the Compare button at the top of the search results to open the comparison report, or click Clear to remove the Compare checkbox from listings. You can also click the Compare link next to the checkbox.
      Note: If you do not have at least 2 listings selected, the Compare button and link are not visible.

    Access Full Website from Mobile Property Detail Page

    From the REcolorado mobile site (, there is now a Full Site link at the bottom of each property detail page that will open the full property detail page. This allows you to review the full information for that property.

    If you logged in on the mobile site and switch over to the full site, you will remain logged in to have seamless access to your saved searches and properties.


    08-01-2012 Release Notes (

    posted Aug 7, 2012, 9:14 AM by Metrolist Colorado   [ updated Aug 30, 2012, 1:55 PM by Phil Rupprecht ]


    Improved Map Functionality

    To search on a map or view your results on a map, click the Map View tab.

    Note: The Draw Search Area on Map link that previously appeared below the entry box for the Location has been removed. Click the Map View tab to perform map-based searches.

    The map functionality has been updated to provide several improvements:

    • New pan and zoom tools that make it easier to zoom in/out and move around the map.
    Pan and Zoom Tools
    New Pan and Zoom Tools on Map View

    • Updated and improved drawing tools are available.
    Map Drawing Tools
    Map Drawing Tools

    • Polygon allows you to draw a shape of your choice for your search area. Click on the map to begin your polygon, then click on each point of the polygon you’d like to draw. Click in the red X to finish your polygon.
    • Rubberband (rectangle) allows you to draw a rectangle search area. Click on the map to begin your rectangle, then click on the opposite corner to finish your rectangle.
    • Radius (circle) allows you to specify a search area a certain distance around the center of your search. You can either enter a radius in miles (this will use the center point of the visible map as the center of your radius), or click the map in the center of your drawing area, drag your mouse to the edge of your radius, and then click the map on the outside edge of your radius. 
    • The new drawing tools also allow you to combine multiple shapes into a single search. For example, you can first draw a radius, and then draw a polygon to add to your search area.


    The usability on tablets such as the iPad has been improved when interacting with the map search:

    • Use two fingers on the map to zoom in and zoom out.
    • Tap and drag your finger on the map to move the focus to a different area.
    • To draw a Polygon search area: tap on the map to start your polygon, tap the map to indicate each point of the polygon, then tap back in the red X to finish your polygon.
    • To draw a Rectangle search area: tap on the map at the starting corner of your rectangle, drag your finger to the opposite corner, then release your finger to finish the rectangle.
    • To draw a Radius (circle) search area:
      • Enter in the radius, which will use the center of map as the center of the radius;
      • OR tap the map at the center of your radius, drag finger to the edge of the desired area and then release your finger to finish the radius.


    The display when selecting Birds Eye View has been improved.

    Birds Eye View
    Improved Birds Eye View


    Viewing Points of Interest

    To select which points of interest you would like to see on the map, click the POI (points of interest) icon.

    Points of Interest
    Adding Points of Interest To Map View
    Select the points of interest you would like to include, such as Schools, Shopping, Banks, or other amenities. Icons will appear on the map indicating the location of the points of interest.
    Selecting Points of Interest
    Selecting Points of Interest to Display On Map View

    New Dropdown Available for Lot Size on Search

    Lot size search has been updated to a new dropdown that shows smaller lot sizes in square feet, with bigger lot sizes in acres. While saved searches should be updated, you may want to verify the lot size criteria on your searches to be sure.

    New Lot Size Dropdown

    Connect Your Clients to Your Profile in REcolorado Admin Portal

    REcolorado now has a great feature that lets you connect your clients to your agent profile using the REcolorado admin portal. This feature allows you to receive property inquiries from your clients, set up saved searches for clients, and view your client’s saved properties and searches.

    To set up a client in

    • Find out if your clients have already created accounts in
      • If they have, ask them for the email address they used. This will allow you to search for them in the REcolorado Admin portal.
      • If they have not, ask them for a preferred email address to use for their account.
    • Click Login to Agent Admin at the bottom of
    Admin Login
    Logging In To REcolorado Admin Portal
    • Enter your MLS Username (Agent ID) in both the Login Name and Password fields.
    • Click on Customer/Client on the left side of the screen.

    Selecting Customer/Client in the REcolorado Admin Portal

    • Click on Clients, then click on Add New Client.

    Selecting Add New Client
    • Enter your client’s email address and click Submit. The system will check if your client already has an account on REcolorado.
      Note: If the client had previously been connected with a different agent in REcolorado, you will receive an error message.

    Entering Client Email Address
    • If your client already had an account on REcolorado, it will show the information they entered when they registered; otherwise, enter your client’s information.
      • For new clients, you must complete the First Name, Last Name, Password, Confirm Password, Password Hint, and Interested In (Buying/Selling/Both).
      • Your client can always change their password when they login to You should create a password for your client that you’ll be comfortable sending to them.
      • You can also indicate their preference for receiving alerts on saved searches or saved properties (email or text message), as well as other contact information. If you choose text message, be sure to enter their mobile phone number.

    Registering a Client in REcolorado Admin
    • Click Save and Continue after you’ve entered all their details. You’ll be taken to the Client Summary Information screen. From this screen you can either create Saved Searches or Saved Properties for your client.
      • New clients (who hadn’t previously registered on REcolorado) will receive an automatic welcome email after you complete their registration.
      • Clients who had previously registered on REcolorado won’t receive an email notification when you connect with them in the REcolorado Admin.

    Client Summary Information Screen
    • Be sure to tell your client about their new REcolorado account or that you’ve connected with their REcolorado account. Remind them of the benefits they will receive if they log in each time they visit. As long as the client is logged in:
      • They will be able to see any searches or properties that you have saved for them.
      • If the client saves searches or properties, you’ll also be able to see that information on the Client Summary Information screen.
      • If they request information on properties, you’ll receive those requests.
    • If you are no longer working with a client, you should use the Disassociate This Client button on the Client Summary Information screen to remove them from your client list, allowing another agent to add that client to his or her client list.

    Creating Saved Searches for Clients

    • From the Client Summary Information screen, click Add next to Saved Searches.
    • This will open a screen similar to the Search Homes page on REcolorado.
    • Enter your client’s search criteria. Once you are happy with the criteria, click Save this Search.

    Saving a Search for a Client
    • On the popup, enter a Name and Description for your client’s new search, and select what type of notifications you would like them to receive. Select CC me on Email notifications if you would like to receive a copy of each notification sent to your client by REcolorado. Click Save this Search when you are finished.
    • Your client will begin receiving emails for listings that match these criteria.

    Saving Properties for Clients

    • From the Client Summary Information screen, click Add next to Saved Properties.

    Adding Saved Properties
    • After you find a listing that meets your client’s needs, click the Save Property link.

    Saving a Property
    • On the popup, you can add any notes. You can also choose to send it to other clients who would also be interested in this listing.

    Entering Notes and Sending Property to Clients
    • Click Save Property to Checked Customer. The selected clients will receive a notification when there are updates on the saved property, and will see it under their Saved Properties when logged in to REcolorado.

    Selecting an Agent While Registering

    If a consumer registers themselves on REcolorado, they will be able to indicate if they are working with a specific agent.

    Selecting an Agent While Registering

    • When they select Yes, a box will display allowing the consumer to enter the last name of the agent they are working with.
    • REcolorado will show a list of agents matching that last name. The consumer can select from that list.
    • After the consumer clicks Login to register, the selected agent will receive a notification email that they have a new request from REcolorado. You will then be able to see that client when you login to the Admin Portal (  

    Notification That One of Your Clients Has Registered

    Photos in Property Alert Emails

    • There has been a big improvement to how photos are displayed in property alert emails. Sometimes, the Saved Search and Saved Property emails are sent to consumers before photos have been processed into
    • The system is now able to update the emails sent to consumers with photos, even after the email is sent!
    • For example, a listing is added to the MLS at 1:00pm. An email alert is sent from at 1:05pm but doesn’t have photos because the photos aren’t processed in until 1:55pm. The consumer reads the email alert at 2:00pm and sees the photos, even though the photos weren’t available when the email was originally sent!
    • This applies to both Saved Search and Saved Property email alerts.


    Improved Photo Viewing

    From the Property Details, you can click Larger Photos to view the photos in a larger and improved photo viewer.

    Property Details
    Selecting Larger Photos on Property Details to Access Photo Viewer

    The new photo viewer also has several improvements:

    New Photo Viewer
    New Features on Photo Viewer

    1. View or hide all photo thumbnails for the listing by clicking the Thumbnail icon. You can also show or hide the carousel of photos along the bottom by clicking the Carousel icon.
    2. Navigate through the photos using the right and left arrow buttons.
    3. There is a new Pin It icon at the top of the photo viewer that allows you to easily share individual photos on Pinterest. Pinterest is a great social tool that lets you create pin boards to share photos with your network. Learn more about Pinterest.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Neighborhood Tab

    The Neighborhood tab on the Property Detail page now has additional content that will make the page more interesting to search engines when they crawl This content changes depending on the location of the property you are viewing.

    How does this help? Having more interesting content means better search engine rankings (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.), making it easier for consumers to find!

    SEO on Neighborhood Tab
    SEO Improvements to Neighborhood Tab

    Why Choose a REALTOR® Page


    Under Find Agent/Office, you’ll see new dropdown options to quickly take you to the Find an Agent page, Find an Office page, and a new page that communicates the benefits to consumers of choosing a REALTOR®.

    New Dropdown Options Under Find Agent/Office

    Find Agent and Find Office Updates

    The look & feel of the Find Agent and Find Office pages and Search Results have been updated to be more consistent with the rest of

    Agent Search Results is now easier to sort, with options to sort by Name, City, State, and ZIP code. Shading has also been added to make it easier to differentiate between each line of results.


    Office Search Results is also easier to sort, with options to sort by Name, City, State, and ZIP code. Shading has also been added to make it easier to differentiate between each line of results.


    07-20-2012 Release Notes (

    posted Jul 20, 2012, 9:11 AM by Metrolist Colorado   [ updated Aug 1, 2012, 3:34 PM ]


    Property Alert Frequency and Delivery Method

    You and your clients can now choose to receive property alerts via text message from You can also change the frequency of how often you receive property alerts, with an option to get updates every hour!

    To change either of these settings, follow these easy steps:

    1. Go to
      1. If you don’t already have a login for REcolorado, create one by clicking the Property Alerts Login option at the top right and following the instructions to Register.
      2. If you already have a login for REcolorado, login by clicking the Property Alerts Login option and logging in with your email address and password.
    2. Select Profile Settings.
      Selecting Profile Settings
      Selecting Profile Settings on Your Account
    3. Under Notification Preferences, you have the ability to indicate your preferences for how you receive alerts (email or text message), and how frequently you are notified. You can select every hour, twice a day, every day, every week, every month, or no notification (to turn off email/text notifications).

      Notification Preferences
      Selecting Your Notification Preferences
      Note: Changing the frequency affects ALL saved searches and properties.
    4. Click Update Profile to save your changes.
    5. If you already have saved searches, your new frequency setting will take effect immediately.
    6. If you don’t have any saved searches yet, you can easily create them. Click Search Homes and enter your search criteria. From the search results, click Save this Search.
      Saving a Search
      Saving a Search
    7. On the popup, enter a name and description for your search, then choose what type of activity you want to be notified about. Click Save this Search to save your search and begin receiving property alert emails about listings matching this search.

      Save Search Popup
      Save Search Popup


    Photo Captions

    Previously, photo captions did not display on Now, if you enter captions on your listing photos in PrimeAccess, these captions will be shown on To view your captions, search for a listing, click View Details and you’ll see the captions displayed under the photos on the Property Details popup.

    Total Square Feet and Finished Square Feet

    Both the Total Square Feet and Finished Square Feet are now showing in Search for a property, then click on View Details. In the Listing Information section, you’ll see Total Square Feet which matches Total SqFt from PrimeAccess and Finished Square Feet which matches Fin SqFt from PrimeAccess.

    Sharing Buttons Added to Mobile Site

    When viewing Property Details from the mobile site (, the buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are now available. These buttons were previously only available on the full website.

    Driving Directions

    It is now easier to use to create a tour by adding a start and end address to the Driving Directions tool.

    1. To add properties to a tour, click Add to Directions while on Map View or List View from your search results.

      Add to Directions
      Add to Directions option
    2. After you have added all the properties to your tour, enter a Starting Location address. Enter your final address (if different from your last property) in Add Location.
      Driving Directions
      Add Starting and Ending Location to Your Driving Directions
    3. Click Get Directions to get driving directions for all addresses you have added to your list.

    Print Brochure

    The layout and design when a consumer selects Print Brochure from the Property Details page has been improved.

    Change to Top Navigation

    We have updated the top navigation to show Resources instead of Research Tools. In the coming months we will be adding additional reference information, housing market updates, and other exciting content to the Resources section.
    Note: you may need to refresh to see the Resources option. 

    Top Navigation
    New Resources Option on Navigation



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