CCM Update October 12, 2015

CCM Update - Data Share to Continue Among Participants

We have received confirmation that IRES is now in general compliance with terms of the CCM agreement they signed with us and PPAR in 2003. Based on the progress that IRES has made to cure their breach of contract, we are glad to inform you our data sharing will continue. This is good news for our members today and paves the way for a much stronger solution for all brokers and agents in the future.

Are you ready for TRID? RatePlug is.

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REcolorado's partnership with RatePlug allows all of our members access to this valuable resource. RatePlug is a new tool integrated in Matrix that allows you to provide real-time, property-specific mortgage payment and product information from your lending partners to homebuyers via the client portal. This is a complimentary benefit to REcolorado members, so there is no cost to you or your clients!

CCM Agreement Update

Data Share with IRES to Continue

We are pleased to inform you that we will continue sharing data with IRES temporarily, based on the progress they have made to cure their breach of contract. We will continue to work with them to ensure they come into full compliance with the 2003 CCM Agreement.

REcolorado Member Update – CCM Agreement

As we approach September 30, I want to give you an update on our CCM data sharing agreement with IRES. First, however, I want to thank you for positive emails and words of support. I have consistently heard a common theme when speaking with many of you and while getting direction from our board of directors—REcolorado’s most important obligation to you as a member is to protect your listing data and your market.

REcolorado CONNECT

CONNECT – Your One-Stop Location for REcolorado Resources

You already use Matrix – Starting with CONNECT, you have access to even more.

Because Matrix is the MLS system, it has MLS-system resources. To run a successful business, you need more than just the MLS. Luckily, your REcolorado membership provides you just that with CONNECT. CONNECT holds links, documents, and resources, keeping you one click away from just about anything you need regarding Colorado real estate. 


Pinterest as a Real Estate Marketing Tool

Market Yourself Using Pinterest

It’s never been more important to market your business to eager homebuyers and sellers. You may be looking for a new way to make connections, impress potential clients, and market your listings to the thousands of people searching for a home in Denver. Have you considered Pinterest?