Why Are So Many People Moving to Denver?

We’re in the heat of the selling season and homes are flying off the market quickly! Do you have clients who are relocating to the area? Here’s a great reminder of why our city is so appealing to relocating homebuyers.

Denver metro attracts thousands of newcomers, but why?

By: Jamie Froyd - Associate Publisher, Denver Relocation Guide

According to 2014 U.S. Census, Denver Metro is welcoming 270,000 newcomers annually. And it’s no surprise - with a top ranked economy, consider these facts from the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce:


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Using Discount Shopping Programs: Reward Yourself and Your Clients

By: Patrick Troppe, Senior Product Manager at CoreLogic

Name a hotel chain. Name a specific soft drink. The companies behind those brands expend a lot of effort to achieve that “top of mind” awareness.

Staying Safe During the Selling Season

Open House Burglaries Offer Safety Reminder

No doubt, it is the busiest time of year. The booming Denver real estate market has many of us hurrying to complete our to-do lists and running to what can seem like open house, to showing, to client meeting.

As you rush from place to place, it is important to remember to do so safely. This recent news about open houses is a reminder that safety is an important part of any job, but especially yours!


Denver Homebuyers Going Green

As one of the more energy-efficient states in the country, Coloradans take pride in their efforts to be “green.” Whether it’s riding our bikes to work or simply recycling our soda cans, we do what we can to help maintain communities that are environmentally responsible.


How Are Your Listings Syndicated?

Have you ever seen one of your listings displayed on a website and thought, “How did that get there?” REcolorado believes you should be able to answer this question for each and every one of your listings, which is why we will soon be launching the REcolorado Syndication Program.

In anticipation of the launch of the program, take a moment to learn how your listings are syndicated.